About the Artist

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana,  raised in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and now live in East Providence, Rhode Island.

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to make the phantoms in my head real. Whether it was with mashed potatoes, Play-Doh, papier-mâché, or later, steel, bronze, and resin,  the thrill of watching light change over the shape of an idea made solid was overwhelming.

As a young adult I learned that I was a lucid dreamer. When I would dream, many times I would find myself in control of the experience. I would exist in that amazing place as if in reality. Of course, upon waking to reality I’d want to bring a little piece back with me. From an early age, art gave me a means to pull my dream through the looking glass.

The themes of my work find their core in the many conflicts and harmonies found in duality.  Life and death, the beautiful, the ugly, comfort and anxiety, the divine and mundane, they all embrace or battle in their search for balance. Each piece is a story taken out of context, born of a dream, and hammered into a half-life for the viewer to explore and identify with. Though personal to me and predominately figurative in form, their message and meaning speak differently to all who experience them.

Anything a person experiences through their senses must ultimately be filtered through their own mind and emotions. With this simple yet profound fact in mind, I work to capture an idea, presence, and emotion as honestly as I can for myself.  After I have reached a point where the object speaks to me, I can stand back and enjoy the many new lives, emotions, and stories the viewer brings to the object. The imagination inspired in others by my work is almost as fulfilling as the imagining and making of the object. I hope that what I have made haunts and touches you as it has me.

This site contains my personal work as well as works done on commission.

Unless noted, all works are available for sale. Contact for pricing.

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